Over the decades, SMA has developed considerable expertise in three areas of specialization.


This practice specialization rests on the design and application of methodology, as applied to economic analyses in many sectors of the economy. These include, especially, international banking, finance, and investment.

Human Resources

The SMI Human Resources practice is built around executive search, compensation analysis and 'Career Counsel' (delivered by the Manitoba Institute of Management TM , through its Management Tutorials, known as Select Counsel Service TM ).

Executive Search is defined to include leadership professional and technical areas of an organization, as well as management and governance.


Strategic management finds its place when "everyone knows something should be done, when no one knows what to do, and when all believe that doing nothing will be catastrophic."

Over time, the SMA Strategy practice has addressed a wide variety of problems, including advanced technology (selection and application), asset preservation (development and growth), capital formation, communications, original commercial formation, planning, productivity, and public sector capital allocation.