Representative Engagements

Economics - Public Policy

  • Energy – Federal Government Fiduciary Duty

    A comprehensive impact analysis and assessment of the scope and breadth of the fiduciary responsibility exercised by the Minister of Northern Affairs and Environment, arising from the export of hydro electric energy, and concomitant destruction of the Indigenous Peoples' way of life.

  • Energy – National Government

    Design of economic and financial impact guidelines to evaluate the relative importance of subsidies for energy industry companies arising from a substantial subsidy program.

    Guidelines were based on several analytical techniques including discounted cash-flow analyses, definition of broader social impact criteria, as well as costs and benefits to the economy.

  • Operational Forensic Audit – International Development Agency

    Design and implementation of an operational forensic audit respecting a significant series of cash disbursements, in the nine-figure range, provided to a technology transfer organization in a major area of the world.

    Collection and analysis of data was undertaken in 14 countries through confidential interviews with government decision makers at sub-ministerial levels. Additional data were generated through file reviews and confidential meetings with interested and affected collateral parties. Economic impacts and political impacts were derived.