Representative Engagements

Human Resources - Executive Search

  • Advanced Technology Manufacturing – General Manager

    For a Canadian advanced technology manufacturing client with proprietary and industry leading products sold in 52 countries, a search for a General Manager to consolidate growth, prepare for succession in anticipation of retirement of the majority shareholder and President, and to implement state-of-the-art information based manufacturing technologies.

    This search subsequently led to additional searches for a Controller and Director of International Sales.

  • Building Products/Construction – Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

    For an integrated national building products client engaged in retail, manufacturing, distribution, consumer finance, and Aboriginal supply activities, a national search for an accounting executive to consolidate and lead growth.

    This was a ‘green field’ appointment in recognition of sustained business growth.

  • Distribution – Chief Financial Officer

    For a large Canadian after-market supply and distribution organization, a national search for an accounting and financial executive to consolidate growth through the organization of administrative, financial, information technology, and human resource functions.

    This search was undertaken following successful placement of branch managers and purchasing professionals.

  • Health Care – Director, Human Resources Management

    For a community-based large hospital in an urban setting, an executive search for an experienced manager from the health sector to assist in functional integration of the human resource function with regional health delivery organizations.

  • International Distribution – Marketing Manager

    For North America's largest, specialized international distributor of outdoor recreational products, recruitment of a Marketing Manager with emphasis on communications, customer service, and graphic design.

    This engagement subsequently led to another requiring the recruitment of a Major Accounts Manager, Director of Purchasing (annual purchases well into the eight figure range), and, in supporting role, recruitment of the Canadian Order Desk Specialist, a Warehouse Manager, and an Executive Receptionist.

  • Logistics – Chief Information Officer

    For a Canadian logistics client, with a significant presence in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, and revenues in the 9-figure range, an international search for a multi-sectoral leader to lead the design and implementation of a completely wireless communications and data management system for application throughout North America.

    This search subsequently led to a second search for a Manager, Information Technology.

  • Logistics – President and Chief Executive Officer

    For one of Canada's largest transportation companies, strategic counsel on the appointment of a President and Chief Executive Officer to succeed the retiring President. Compensation for the incumbent is well into the mid six figure range.

  • Media and Communications – Chief Executive Officer

    For Canada's largest media cooperative, a national search for a broadly experienced individual, to manage expectations of 35,000 members during a period of significant growth, orders of magnitude technological change, paradigm shifting regulatory change, and compounded annual revenue increases.

    This search subsequently led to counsel for development of the organization's strategic business plan and additional searches for a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

  • Metals Manufacturing – Materials Manager

    For Canada's largest manufacturer of air movement products, a national search for a Materials Manager to lead and control in the inventory function, with raw material commitments in the 9-figure range.

  • Metals Manufacturing – President and Chief Executive Officer

    For a dynamic, private financial institution with significant holdings in a variety of metals manufacturing companies, recruitment of a President and Chief Executive Officer to manage the two largest investments as the core of a new holding company.

  • Mining – Chief Chemist

    For Canada's most technologically advanced mineral laboratory company serving the Canadian mining sector, strategic counsel on the recruitment and appointment of a Chief Chemist wherein the incumbent is accountable for laboratory quality in all respects, client relationships, and business development.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Director, Molecular Biology

    For a large international pharmaceutical manufacturing company, recruitment of a senior executive to direct and lead scale up of manufacturing from bench scale to full production, wherein the incumbent needed to possess single or double doctoral degrees in molecular biology and related science.

    Candidates were sourced principally from Australia, Western Europe, West Africa, Canada, and Brazil.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Technical Manager / Group Leader

    For Canada's premiere pharmaceutical manufacturer, an international search for a Fermentation Specialist to manage in-process testing, development of protocols and assays, and scale-up of small fermentation initiatives to pilot scale production, in association with the Microbial Fermentation Group.

  • Plant Genetics – Vice President, Strategy

    For Canada's pre-eminent proprietary seed technology company, an international search for a talented individual to set strategy for the next decade, and to succeed the retiring President and Chief Executive Officer.

  • Retail – Association Executive Director

    For one of Canada's largest building retail trade associations, based on the prairies with 800 industry members and an equal number of associate ones, a national search to succeed the retiring Executive Director and to set the basis for growth over the next decade.

  • Retail – Director, Human Resources

    For a national retail organization, a Western Canadian search for a human resources executive with experience in managing the traditional human resources function, performance in a cross-cultural organizational environment, and a proven record of directing on-the-job applied training programs.

  • Rural Manitoba – Medical Doctors

    For an integrated health care facility encompassing family medical practice, dentistry, diagnostic services, and retail pharmaceutical sales, recruitment of two family practice physicians from the Manitoba urban market.

  • University – President

    For a Canadian University, strategic counsel on the recruitment and selection processes to replace a President at a time of great organizational stress.

    This engagement required extensive consultations with the University governance structures, senior executives, deans, and heads of departments.