Representative Engagements

Strategy - Trade & Investment

  • Air Transportation Infrastructure – civil aviation authority

    For a civil aviation authority in South America, general counsel on supply of trade and investment capabilities from Canadian firms.

    This engagement focused on participation in the Airports Council International Latin America and Caribbean Regional Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, bringing together nearly four hundred aviation authorities in the entire region, development of a directory of Canadian suppliers to air transportation and advance intelligence on merchant bank finance of air transportation infrastructure (including but not limited to airports), and ancillary products and services.

  • Aviation Counsel – national airports authority

    General counsel, advice, and management support through a specialized trade show involving medium sized suppliers to air transportation in the Caribbean and Latin America, and design of an authority wide quality initiative.

    This work included the development of a directory of Canadian suppliers to air transportation, assessment of Canadian supplier investment potential, and participation in negotiations with development assistance organizations.

  • Communications – African capital city development corporation

    Design and development of investor briefing documentation reflecting the corporation's responsibility for managing the new capital city of the country.

    This technical document addressed the new international airport, establishment of a manufacturing and light industrial base to serve the regional market of the Southern Africa Development Co-ordinating Committee (SADCC) countries and defined capital requirements for the ensuing twenty-five years.

  • Educational Infrastructure – confidential

    For a client in another country, analysis of Canadian educational infrastructure capabilities, Canadian capital sources, and financing alternatives.

  • Food Processing – confidential

    For an Eastern European client, identification of surplus Canadian food processing equipment, capital requirements to move and install the equipment, and financing of the enterprise. This engagement also required consideration of export of Eastern European food processing equipment to North American Markets.

  • Hospitality Infrastructure – confidential

    For a Caribbean based client, identification and analysis of Canadian investment potential in the high nine figure range for resort and condominium accommodations.

  • Inter-modal Transportation – confidential

    For a Canadian provincial government, trade and investment counsel respecting export markets for medium and small sized firms supplying products and services to national and regional inter-modal transportation systems in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

    This engagement included development of a supplier directory for distribution at the Fourth Annual Airports Council International Latin America/Caribbean Regional Assembly in Miami, assessment of market entry opportunities in Canada for LAC suppliers, and identification and confirmation of investment and working capital sources.

  • International Development Finance – Industrial Cooperation Division, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

    Development of a Guide to Canadian Investment in Zimbabwe at independence. This engagement included a high technical level of project identification, economic analysis, project management, and data collection.

    As well, sensitive negotiations were undertaken with senior levels of the Zimbabwean government, principally in the Ministry of Finance and with national banking and financial institutions in the country. Follow-up work included organization of the first Zimbabwean Ministerial Mission to Canada and arrangement of joint ventures.

  • Investment Strategy – confidential

    Economic development and financial analysis to assess the feasibility of extending an existing United States Investment and Joint Venture Program in the Eastern Caribbean to include Canadian participation. This engagement included a strategic review of program design, economic, financial, and social assessment of the likely impact in Canada (in strategic and operational terms) and development of detailed recommendations.

  • Machine Tools & Construction Products – confidential

    For a Canadian based international machine tool design and manufacturing company, analysis of investment and joint venture technology transfer opportunities in Australia, Jamaica, Korea, South Africa, and Ukraine.

  • Manufacturing and Processing – Commonwealth Fund for Technical Assistance

    General trade and investment counsel to Trinidadian manufacturers respecting the South Florida Market, including demand analysis, identification and assessment of investors, and organization and management of the Inaugural Miami Trade Show for Trinidad.

  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment – confidential

    For a Ukrainian scientist and owner of intellectual property, including design drawings and working prototypes of non-intrusive medical diagnostic equipment, identification of Canadian investment potential to finance the entry of the product to North American markets, with manufacturing in both Canada and Ukraine.

  • Mining – confidential

    For a Vancouver based precious metals mining company, identification of six potential silver mine acquisitions in India, assessment of each potential acquisition, further identification of the potential for joint venture silver mining operations through strategic partnering, and development of detailed recommendations for implementation.

  • Transportation – confidential

    For Canadian investors, project identification and analysis respecting medium and large scale investments in the manufacture and operations of public sector transportation systems, in various countries including but not limited to Jamaica, Zimbabwe, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa.

  • Wood Frame Housing Technology – confidential

    For a Canadian investor with state-of-the-art wood frame housing technology, analysis of investment potential in urban markets in Chile, Korea, and Ukraine, with the objectives of quantifying capital requirements, determining the viability of joint venture arrangements, and confirming detailed capital and repatriation procedures.